What This World Depends On

Technology was something that was considered a want of life, but now in the 21st century, for some, it has become a part of everyday life as a job, school work or entertainment. Technology does not have to be something with wires or a circuit board, it can be anything that helps make someone’s life easier. Technology has advanced so much so fast that almost everyone has some way of accessing what basically is the 21st century. 

Photo Credit: Warl0rdPT Flickr via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Warl0rdPT Flickr via Compfight cc


 I personally use technology on a daily basis, whether it be me working or using it for entertainment. The most common pieces of technology I use are the Macbook Pro, Samsung Tab A, and a PlayStation 4. The Macbook and tablet are used mainly for any school work, but I sometimes use them for entertainment. The first time I could remember use technology for a long period of time would when I was six years old and that was a computer, the first computer I ever used and mainly to play any game. Now I usually use a computer for school work and games that are only for PC. 

hoto Credit: Nemossos Flickr via Compfight cc




3 thoughts on “What This World Depends On

  1. This is a pretty good first blog. A little more content or sharing different opinions would have made it even better. Elaborate on some of your ideas rather than just stating 1 or 2 sentences and moving on.


  2. I like this post because it has a lot of examples. The only thing that I did dislike is that he mentioned a Playstation 4 but did not leave a link to the website or did not talk about it at all. He said Playstation 4 and then left it as it is. He did have some grammar which made it kind of hard to leave. I do like this post saad it just could have been a little more.


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