Me Animated

Using the site, I was able to create myself, well in a cartoonish or animated way. Currently set as my profile picture for my blog and many other websites and I personally think it suits me. If I were to comment on anyone blog, this picture would show up beside my name. Starting with the upper body, my hair when long do stand up and even when I comb it to the side by the end of the day it will stand up again. I also wear glasses every weekday at school and the reason I say weekday is because I hate wearing glasses and never wear them at home ( not wearing it at the time of typing this blog) or weekends. Headphones are something I wear all the time at home while on a device even if not there is nothing that I am listening to or watching. The expression on my face is just for fun, I have no real reason for doing this, I thought it looked funny and could make people laugh. What my avatar is wearing is basically what I wear every day. Now to the part I am most into, gaming. My avatar is holding a game console that is quite outdated, the first Xbox that came out and one of the main reason for the headphones where because anytime I am using a console I always wear a headset. To create your own avatar, make sure to visit

To create your own avatar, make sure to visit This site is an amazing way to create a profile picture that represents you without you having to post a picture of yourself. The only problem I thought that was with the site was that some skin tones did not show up correctly and some of the better of the options were for coins that you have to pay ( Start off with 2 coins). In the end, I would give this site a 4 1/2 out of five stars.

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