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Via Pixabay
Via Pixabay

The Nintendo Switch officially announced on October 20, 2016, and is scheduled for release worldwide on March 3, 2017. In Tokyo on January 13, 2017, along with the release date, the price was also announced. The Nintendo Switch is priced at $399.99CAD, which I personally think is not a bad price. Let’s say you buy a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S, you are basically paying the same amount of money on a console that is not portable. If you are one of those people that prefer a bigger screen, the Nintendo Switch comes with something called Nintendo switch dock, which basically makes the Nintendo switch tablet or the portable display content to a larger screen using an HDMI cable.

When buying the Switch, in the box you get the Nintendo Switch Console, Nintendo switch dock, high-speed HDMI cable and anNintendo Switch AC Adapter which is used to plug in your Nintendo Switch Dock and. You would also get two Joy cons which are basically controllers which come in three colors, if you were to buy the Switch with gray joy cons you would only get gray ones, one for each side. The other color you could buy is The Switch with a red joy con and a blue Joy con. Along with the joy cons, you get something that looks like a controller where you put the joy cons when you have in connected to a bigger screen.  Unlike most consoles, when you buy the Switch you are already getting two Joy cons or controllers that can be used to play with others on the same device.

So far the games that are already available are basically all most all of the games that were available on the DS and Wii U and even some games that are just on Switch. Now according to some website some M rated games will for sure come out for the switch. In the Nintendo Switch Line Up video, at the bottom left you can see that games will bee rated from RP-M, which is a good thing because people from all ages cold find a game they enjoy.

The Nintendo Switch was available for per order at Ebgames and Best Buy but was sold out very quickly. Judging by what we know so far about the switch I think it be a very popular console.



3 thoughts on “The Latest In Gaming

  1. I’ve seen the commercials or the Switch and I think it looks pretty awesome. It’s a pretty neat concept to think you can play a game at home and continue the same game when you leave it. I am not a gamer – at all. But my husband likes to play the odd video game. He used to have a PS4 and then sold it because he didn’t have much time to play it anymore. He decided to buy a WiiU which is a little more kid friendly in hopes that he will be able to play with our son as he gets older. We have the Disney Infinity game and my son currently loves the change all the characters on the screen and “pume pume” guys (which is his work for shooting lasers).

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  2. Saaadii you did a good job on describing information about the Nintendo switch. I think it wouldn’t hurt to add some questions to make readers more interested into your work


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