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There are some websites that one can use for their everyday life. There are five websites or apps that I use on a daily basis to help me throughout my school work. These include Word Online, Google Drive,

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myHomework Student Planner, Edmodoand GrammarlyThese tools help me stay organized and efficient.





Word Online is a website created by Microsoft. Word Online gives you a little less function then Microsoft Word like inserting videos clips or audio. But the reason I prefer to use this site is that with a Microsoft Word is that if a file, for example, did not save and let’s say the battery on a laptop you were typing on runs out the document is not saved. Then when you open of word again you may see something

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that says document recovery, and then you can save the document, but if it does not show it, then your work is gone. While on word online will automatically save your work while you are typing. And the main reason I like using this more the Microsoft Word it because sometimes I forget to bring my work to school, but it’s saved to my outlook account, and I could print it at school. To use Word Online you will have to sign up for it by creating an Outlook account, you must be at least at the age of 10 to create an account.



Google Drive is a very popular site or an app created by Google. Google drive gives you the options to create a document, a slideshow, excel or sheets and many other apps to use. The thing about google drive is that any piece of work that you have created or that someone else has created can be shared with you as long as you have signed up with google. Google Drive lets you save any piece of work or pictures to your drive. This keeps them available anytime you sign in to your Google account. I use this anytime I am doing a group

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A project that needs research to be done, all I need to do is share the document or have it shared with me, and all the research is available to the whole group instead of each other emailing it. You do need a Google account, to create a Google account you must be at least the age of 13.  



myHomework Student Planner is both an app or site that can help students in their school lives. It lets students keep track of their homework, tests, quizzes, and projects. It will let the student add their class and get notifications of when something is or when it is due. You can change the priority of the

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assignment or test to make it show first if it has the highest priority. To use this, you do not need to create an account. This app will help student all the way from any grade you start to get homework and all the way to the end of your school life. 





Edmodo is both a website and app. It lets you join groups that your teachers have created where they upload assignments or important updates about the class. When an assignment is uploaded to a class, you can finish it and send it through Edmodo. You do need an account for Edmodo you can be very young to create one.


Grammarly is a website that can help anyone with their Grammer. When you type up a document in any other application such as on word or Google Docs you can copy and paste into Grammarly where it will find the best way to proofread your work and make it sound better for the reader. I use Grammarly


basically for everything like this blog. Grammarly can be used as an extension on Google Chrome. You do need an account to use Grammarly and can upgrade by paying every month, every three months or every year.   





The above apps or sites I use every day for helping me in my School life.






2 thoughts on “Everyday Web Tools

  1. This blog was very informative. I enjoyed seeing how you discussed everyday web-tools in this blog. Personally, I too use these web-tools for homework and things alike. Thank you for sharing this with me, I think others will also enjoy it.


  2. This was a good post about the useful web tools and I myself could see me using them throughout my day.
    You did a good job on describing each of the following app or web tools.


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