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Carey’s blog is about her top five favorite games that she uses on a daily basis. Their said blog said plays from least to greatest Pokémon Go, Fifa (Xbox, PS), Color Switch, Diep.io, and Musical.ly being their favorite app.

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The reason why I chose to comment on this blog is that I also love gaming. I find myself playing lots of different games, and even one of my blog was about a gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.  I really do enjoy to read blogs that I have an interest in and that what the title told me.





Hanna’s Blog about studying abroad was a blog that can connect to many people. In her blog, she was addressing teenagers, and the reason she provided were put very well to make her point really stand out. She wrote in a non-bias format, she gave reasons why it’s both good and what problems might occur.

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The reason why I found this blog so interesting is that education is something that some people in a world so advance still don’t have. I feel like everyone should have the chance to get an education even though they may not live and that what Hanna also said.








Mohamed Hussein blog on getting rid of an item that is used every day, styrofoam. He said on his blog about how this item that is used every day is killing the Earth. The format of his blog was put in a way where the reader can find out what styrofoam is and what is made up of. The other paragraph is why it’s bad for the environment.

Via Photos For Class



I agree with Mohamed because we have one Earth and we are getting rid of it. We live in a world so advanced, yet we still can’t find a way to make shipping environment-friendly. This world is going to a place where there may not be stores, and everything is digital, but before that can successfully happen is if we find a way to keep the Earth in a condition where we can live.


















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  1. Great job! You left some good quality comments and were able to find some really good posts to comment on too!


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