My Blog Audit

I started blogging when the second semester of grade nine began. Now nearing the new of the semester I have written in total 10 blogs including this one, three of them were school based and seven of them were topics I wanted to write on and some were from the Student Blogging Challenge.

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Over the semester the blogs I have written have received 13 comments, majority of the comments came from my class mates. Most of them were on my very first blog which was about technology in everyday life, titled What This World Depends On and The Latest In Gaming. The reason why I think I got the most comments on this was probably because these were the ones I cared the most about. These blogs post were my favorite ones and the ones I think I did the best on.


When someone goes on to my blog site the first thing they see is the first post I written then after that are the most recent posts. My blog site’s design is very simple and other then the blogs there is a blog roll the has students from different countries who blog themselves (Logan,Marcus ,Matthew Mohamed Husseinand there is also categories

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which are Tech 9 and Free post.

Overall the my time in the blogging community was a very good time. I still plan to blog even after the semester ends. The time spent in writing the blogs were well spent.








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